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The making of “Tulip Time”

Posted by on May 20, 2014 in Blog, New Art |



I start every painting by sketching the image lightly in pencil. Here you can see that our happy, tulip loving girl was the starting point for the entire painting. In fact, I wasn’t planning on putting all of the tulips in. I was originally only going to have them lining the top of the hill. Once I got drawing, however, I couldn’t stop adding them. They were just too fun to draw. IMG_5799
The next step of my process is to outline my initial sketch in ink. I use a micron pen. This step allows me to refine my drawing a bit and the ink won’t smudge or mix with the paint when I begin painting. You can see our cute, little bunny friend demonstrating the ink outline as well as the first few layers of paint. IMG_5800

I use acrylic paint for all my paintings. I mix my own greens and blacks. I have never found a green or black straight from the tube that I like. You can see that for this painting I chose some very vibrant colors. I used dioxazine purple, alizarin crimson, phthalocyanine blue, cadmium yellow, titanium white, and burnt sienna.

IMG_5801Here you can see that I’m layering in more colors. I work in sections of color and then return at the end to adjust highlights and shadows.

tulipssmThe final piece! I hope you enjoyed learning about my process as much as I enjoyed working on the piece.

Prints of tulip time are available through the “print” tab or by clicking here.

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